About THE WORD Counselling

A message from Laura Swanepoel founder of THE WORD….

As born-again Christians we have a different roadmap or ‘instruction manual’ to those who don’t yet believe in and trust God as their Creator, Saviour and Provider. So when something goes wrong in our lives, referring to an alternative handbook simply doesn’t apply, or get the job done. That’s a fact.

You wouldn’t want cardiac surgery from someone with a mere interest in hearts; or have your car repaired by simply a car enthusiast. In both of these areas you would reach out for help to someone who is actually equipped, knows and truly cares about what they are doing. The same is true for counselling and discipleship.

My search for a relevant and suitable alternative to mainstream secular psychology to meet my own and my family’s individual and unique needs over the years was fruitless, both in South Africa and the United Kingdom. When it dawned on me that I was not alone in this, and at the same time sensing a distinct leading in this direction, I altered my search to find a place that would teach me how to provide this specific and essential service.

…….to serve Christ by skilfully encouraging, counselling and restoring to health all those around me, particularly those of the household of faith.

Laura Swanepoel


So here we are ………..

Apart from being a Christian Professional, the most important qualification I have is that I have come to know Christ out of my own experiences of need. I bring the understanding and compassion experienced in my personal relationship with Jesus into my care for those who come to me for counselling.

I have completed formal Biblical and Counselling education and training in the form of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology with Distinction, majoring in Biblical Counselling with Trinity College of the Bible and Trinity Theological Seminary  certified and endorsed by Canterbury Christ Church University, U.K.

Because I believe in work principles of excellence and accountability, I am actively involved in regular and ongoing Continuous Professional Development which keeps my practice informed, reviewed and up to date. I do this through the Association of Biblical Counsellor’s Centre for Professional Soul Care (CPSC).

THE WORD Counselling practice is endorsed by Woodlands Group of Churches in Bristol, who together with Chatnow UK provide my clinical supervision and support. I also volunteer my time as a Spiritual Coach on the Christian Internet Help Line Chatnow. Additional relevant memberships include the Association of Christian Counsellors UK whose Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling I follow, as well as Trinity’s Alumni Association and Ecclesia Scholar Society. I am in possession of a current Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Certificate.

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