Frequently Asked Questions

When Are You Available For Appointments?

Normal business working days and hours – Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm 

Where Do We Meet?

Consultations are held at a business park and/or my home-office in Portishead.

Can I Be Counselled Online?

The possibility of online counselling via Skype certainly exists dependent upon your initial assessment and suitability. For more information please contact Laura here.

Do You Accept Overseas Clients?

I welcome online counselling enquiries from people outside of the UK whose primary language is English, and who wish to work with someone trained in Biblical Counselling. For more information please contact Laura here.

What Is The Cost?

Because every client’s needs are different the cost will depend on the number and length of consultations required to achieve a successful outcome. A discounted session-fee of £25 is charged for the initial consultation. For additional information, please provide more detail using the Contact Form here.

Do I Need to Be a Christian to Receive Counselling?

You don’t have to be a Christian, but I base my counselling on the principles of the Holy Bible.

A pre-counselling appointment can be made to provide more information, and to discuss mutual suitability.

What Happens At Consultations?

It’s helpful to know what to expect; more information can be found here

What Are Some of The Things That Will Be Expected of Me?

To attend counselling sessions regularly and on time; to be open about your problems; to commit to the process of change

How Can I Get In Touch?

There are several ways in which to contact Laura.

By using the Contact Form here
and Laura will respond to you either via email or telephone.

Or by Telephone: 07375022596

How long are consultations?

The length of time spent in consultation depends on individual needs, but 60 to 90 minutes is a general guideline


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