I offer a comprehensive range of services from short-term counselling, available in crisis situations, through to longer term open-ended counselling in the following types of circumstances:


Family of mom dad kids face problems as a puzzle seek counseling

– Pre-marital & Marriage Counselling
– Family Life & Parenting
– Separation & Divorce
– Relationship Issues

– Illness
– Suffering

– Grief
– Anger, Bitterness & Conflict
– Forgiveness
– Worry/Anxiety/Fear
– Addictions & Disorders
– Co-dependency
– Distress/Crisis Situations
– Biblical Debriefing  –
to assist people in the aftermath of their involvement in a difficult life experience. Ideally this should take place within 48 hours of the traumatic event
– Preventative Counselling – to help avoid or deflect potential problems before they arise
– Mediation (using a Biblical framework for peacemaking ) – to reduce personal tensions and offences, while finding mutually satisfactory agreement on difficult personal and/or practical issues
– Consulting – collaborating with others in ministry (counselling or pastoral) to uncover specific problems and arrive at practical Biblical solutions


In studying the Bible as a practical book and recognising that it is the counsellor’s textbook on human change I am able to discover Scriptural solutions, coach clients in moral accountability, and train them to implement Biblical principles in their own life situations.

In general I seek to assist individuals, families and groups to:

– function more effectively in their daily lives
– find freedom from spiritual, psychological, and interpersonal conflicts
– be at peace with themselves and enjoy a growing relationship with God
– develop and maintain smooth interpersonal relationships
– be actively involved in becoming disciples of Jesus Christ



This is achieved by building a counselling system, including its presuppositions, principles and methodologies from Scripture. Counselling must demonstrate that Scriptural truth, ministered in the power of the Holy Spirit, is sufficient to provide a clear understanding of the intention of relevant Biblical passages appropriate to both the Problem and the Solution. Together by His grace, we pursue wholeness and by His grace He multiplies the effort (2 Corinthians 9:10).

You may be assured of a warm and approachable welcome, no matter what your counselling needs. As a professional I deeply respect your situation and observe your right to privacy and confidentiality.  Biblical counselling represents a ministry of the Word that can deal sensitively in the specific, personal, and often turbulent content of human lives. It begins with the client and their particular struggle or concern, and then moves to the Scriptures, back and forth, flowing in real time in the context of an ongoing human relationship and conversation.

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