What To Expect

What to Expect…..

It’s reassuring to know what to expect when embarking on such a sensitive journey. To help put your mind at ease I have included an outline of the procedure.

Step 1 – Initial contact can be either via phone or email.

Step 2 – Our conversation or communication will help to to establish mutual suitability.

Step 3 – At your first appointment you will be asked to fill out a comprehensive Personal Data form and to sign a Counselling Consent agreement.

Step 4 -Once your form has been assessed and after the initial personal consultation, I can begin putting together a plan on moving forward. I may need to contact you for further information, and then to make a second appointment.

Step 5 – We will meet formally on a weekly or fortnightly basis either for approximately one hour, or ninety minutes and periodic reviews of this arrangement will take place.

During Your Session

I start by building a relationship with clients that is characterised by trust, warmth, empathetic understanding, and acceptance.

As with Jesus’ example, Biblical counselling focuses on the client’s emotions, thoughts and conduct to determine how they may be creating or influencing their problem. In His sermons and discussions with individuals the Lord held people responsible for their actions, and compassionately yet repeatedly confronted them with their behaviour, instructing them to change.

Change is therefore the goal in Biblical counselling, and the process of this necessary transformation is accomplished through translating into practical advice for daily living what Scripture says about a client’s problems.

During the consultation I….

– Pay close attention
– Engage in active listening
– Encourage thinking and conversation
– Ask relevant questions
– Support clients during times of crisis, psychological or spiritual injury
– Challenge clients to the truth about their problems
– Motivate and inspire change, and stimulate healing
– Teach through the Word how to think and live more effectively
– Give appropriate assignments to aid the process where beneficial

The aim is to have an immediate start to a turnaround, working consistently and rapidly toward the desired end result.


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